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14 Day Cleanse


14 Days

14 Day Cleanse

Join me in this 14 day cleanse, to reset your body and eating habits after all of the festive eating!

Together we will go through the process of giving your body the TLC it needs, to restore, rest and feel energised.

The total number of days is 17, with the first 3 days being the 'prep phase'. Then once you have yourself all sorted out, using the cleanse guide, recipes/meal plan/shopping lists, you will be ready to start the cleanse.

During these 14 days of cleansing you will receive daily activites and steps to work through.

If you would like a more personalised cleanse I have an upgrade V.I.P. option for you. Here you will receive an initial nutritional consultation, that will all me to individualise the programme to suit your needs and health concerns. And a follow up to review any test results, to further personalise the cleanse for you.

The consultations can be done in person (depending on where you live) or, it can be done via ZOOM.

Feel free to contact me, if you need any further information via email

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