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Healthy Habits 🍏

  • 12Weeks
  • 17Steps


Self Guided 12 week programme with weekly lessons and handouts, that takes you through the various obstacles and 'bad' habits that we have related to eating and, food. Here you will look at reviewing your thoughts about dieting, metabolism, Sleep, movement. You will also take a look how self-sabotaging behaviours, emotional eating and goal setting influence your eating habits. This programme will also get you to take a good look at your kitchen and see how you can make changes to support your healthy food habits. Even though this is a 12 week programme, it is self paced. So you don't have to worry about having a deadline of completion! What is important is, that you work through each lesson, being true to yourself. And as long as you hang in there, it doesn't matter if it has taken you a couple of extra weeks to finish. There are two other options, each offering more 1:1, personalisation of this programme and accountability.

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