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Mayonnaise... here I'll give you the recipe on how to make your own...and once you know you'll never go back to buying from the shops. I'm starting off with this, as it will be an ingredient in a couple of the entrees and canapes that I'll be


2 eggs

1/2-1cup of rice bran oil, olive oil (light, or if using stronger flavoured oil do half and half with rice bran oil, or it will be too bitter) or oil of choice

1 lemon

approx 1 tsp salt, you'll have to judge by taste

How to...

  • You can use a Bamix, blender or , food processor as long as it has a chute where you can pour in the oil.

  • Place the eggs in the respective container with some of the lemon juice and some salt, then commence blending the ingredients in the container while slowly drizzling in the oil.

  • Continue adding oil until it thickens up. Once thick, roughly, like whipped cream taste it. It needs to be balanced with a slight acidic taste from the lemon and seasoned well with salt...not too salty other wise it won't work well with the other foods. It can have a stronger lemon flavour, but NOT be salty.

  • have you'll be ready to get started with the other dishes

lovely whole egg mayonnaise

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