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Day 3 - Huevos rellenos

Huevos rellenos (stuffed eggs), as we say it in spanish, is one of my favourite party foods...and they're so quick and easy to can start by having the eggs boiled up to 2-3 days before the event...


  • Eggs depends on how many guests you'll be having

  • mayonnaise, 2-3 Tbsp, again depends on how many eggs you're using

  • 2-3 tsp mustard...I use Masterfoods french mustard, but you can use any that you depends on your taste

  • roasted capsicum slices

How to

  • Hard boil the eggs, let them cool, then peel

  • Once peeled, cut them in half and remove the yolks, placing in bowl. Leave the whites on a plate.

  • Mash the yolk as finely as possible, then add (to begin with) 1-2 Tbsp of your lovely freshly made mayonnaise .....or if you can't make it, use store bought whole egg mayonnaise...Luke Perry had a lemon mayonnaise that is very similar to my home made one that I'm happy to use...I don't know if he still makes it...keep an eye out in the fresh vegetables section. And 1-2 tsp of mustard of your choice

  • make sure to mix in the mustard, mayonnaise and yolks well, removing as much of the lumps as possible.

  • next is stuffing you your eggs with the you can get fancy and use a piping bad with star tip, or you can just carefully spoon it in...try to make it look presentable.

  • next thinly slice up your freshly roasted red capsicum, and cut into short pieces around 2cm long. Use these shorter pieces to decorate the eggs.

  • Now plate your lovely stuffed eggs...again this can be made a few hours ahead of your guests arriving. You can store these in a container in the fridge...plate up when ready to serve

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