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Day 5 - Chicken canapes

Here we go... Christmas is getting nearer and I hope that you're feeling a little more in control of what you're going to make on these festive days to come...well.... here in another Chilean favourite of mine - even my son loves it!! - chicken paste canapes...I can't remember when I first had these...when in Chile over the years or here...either way I always love making don't always have to make the chicken paste just for parties. I sometimes make this as having something different to have on sandwiches for myself and my son.


500g chicken paste

breads - these can be gluten free, whole meal, lebanese bread...what ever you prefer. I found some Sunflower and Rye bread, and Pumpernickle bread (which I love)

How to....

  • spread an even layer of the chicken paste on the bread of your choice.

  • cut bread up into what ever size/shape you wish

Now you're to serve and eat! Enjoy!!

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