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Day 6 - Goat's cheese and capsicum balls

Here's another really quick and easy thing to do for any party or get together... Goats's cheese ball wrapped in delicious roasted capsicum... this is something that your children, especially the little ones, can do... I used lemon thyme (it looked so nice) to coat the balls in but you could also use plain thyme, sesame seeds, dill, corriander... or any other herb that you like, as long as it's not too you want the goat's cheese and capsicum shine.


  • 100g of soft goat's cheese, you can get bigger packets, or more, depending on how many you need to make

  • roasted capsicum,

  • approx 1/2 cup chopped lemon thyme

How to....

  • chop up the lemon thyme, it doesn't need to be super fine, but not big pieces.

  • slice long strips of, your lovely freshly, roasted capsicum

  • place you goat's cheese on a plate, then get roughly teaspoon full of the cheese to roll into balls. TIP: rub some oil on your hands, so that they don't end up coated in cheese.

  • roll the cheese balls in the chopped lemon thyme, then get a capsicum strip, wrap it around and then cut the excess. Continue until you have the amount that you want.

Now you're ready to party and eat!

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