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Day 8 - Haloumi

I remember the first time I had grilled haloumi about 20yrs ago...I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a cheese that remains firm when grilled....not all gooey and runny...well..I loved it! I have been having it ever since and my son loves it too...we sometimes have it a snack, as it's so easy to prepare. If you have never tried this before, give it a go. It's great to add to salads, especially in the summer time when it's too hot to eat a hot dinner, as you feel more satisfied with the cheese...needles to say you get all the goodness too.


block of haloumi cheese, different place have different packaging sizes...get one for the quantity that you need

rice bran oil, olive oil


How to....

  • slice the haloumi into roughly 1cm thick slices

  • warm up grill pan, frying pan with rice bran oil

  • carefully place haloumi slices (as it can spit, as sometimes they are packaged with brine), turn once it has become golden in colour

  • place on platter, drizzle with a little olive oil and lemon juice...

It takes longer to prepare than to make more than you think, as you'll be going back for more!!

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