Here at Nutrishous 'n' Delicious, I believe in the wise words written, thousands of years ago, by Hippocrates - 


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Carmen

Several years ago I was thinking about opening up a Tea and Cake Shop, as I love baking, cake decorating and everything to do with tea – and there is so much baking and decorating that you can do for your family….right!!  Then with this idea, I thought that I could also provide light meals for those with restricted diets. Somewhere safe where they could go to eat something nice, without worrying about it making them sick. As there aren’t many places around (especially in my area) where you can eat that are ideal for diabetics, gluten/diary intolerances AND that provide meals that are different.  Meals and treats that still taste and feel 99.99% as the original.

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Recipes & Tips 


Here you can find some yummy recipes, some that I have 'tweeked' to make it gluten, dairy free and/or vegetarian friendly.

Or you can find some useful information in regards to food and health.

Family & Group Nutrition Counseling


I provide various services and lessons - either one on one or, in a group.  

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