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What do these ingredients do???

This banana smoothie is great for when you’re feeling a bit hungry, have a lot to do but don't feel like having a sandwich or a heavy meal. It will keep you full for several hours and give you the energy that you need. You can make it vegan/lactose free, replacing the milk with whatever you choose to substitute it with. If you still want to have a creamy texture but don't want to, or can't use milk, avocado is a great substitute if mixed with almond/rice milk or coconut water. It will help to keep you feel fuller for a longer period of time, thanks to those lovely essential fatty acids in the avocado.

This smoothies contains, overall, most of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, especially if needing it for some physical exercise You can also add chi a seeds, if you want to keep fuller for longer and need more fiber (but you must remember to drink more as chia seeds absorb a lot of fluid), or strawberries for extra sweetness. The lucuma powder, if you’re able to find it, naturally adds sweetness with a touch of ‘caramel’. It is a fruit from South America, which I fondly remember having as an icecream!!

You can add or subtract whatever you like or feel like at the time of making it, for when you need that chocolate hit, but with added nutrition.


1 medium Banana

¾ cup milk

1heaped tsp Maca powder

1heaped Tbsp Lucuma powder

1heaped Tbsp Raw Cacao


Coconut water, Almond milk, Rice milk, Oat Milk, Quinoa Milk

  • Chia seeds 1heaped tsp

  • ½ medium Avocado

  • 2tsp Manuka honey

  • Strawberries/blueberries

  • these last 4 will add other nutrients and increase the overall nutritional values.

Place everything in a blender until smooth.

You may want to add some Honey, Rice Bran syrup or, maple syrup, if you find that it is a little biter from the raw cacao. And you may want to start with maybe a quarter of an avocado, as you may find it a little rich.

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