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12 days of quick, DELISHIOUS Christmas foods

What can all of these mixed ingredients do??? Well....they can go on to provide you with several lovely, quick, simple and DELISHIOUS canapés and/or, entrees depending on how you are going to cater your Christmas on New Year’s celebratory menu. Over the next 12 days, I shall be doing a 12 days of quick, DELISHIOUS Christmas foods to help kick start your new journey into healthy eating and is possible to eat great food that will do you lots of healthy goodness and CELEBRATE!!

Check in every day and I'll help you get prepared for the days of eating and celebrating coming up.

It may seem daunting, impossible, but it just takes a little planning and preparation. A lot of the dishes that'll be coming up, can be prepared ahead of time...and you'll even get a dinner, or quick lunch out of you up for the challenge??

Part food..more to come

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