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Day 9 - Corn

You may wonder...what about corn and how can it be a part food?? Well once you try this I'm sure you'll see also makes it fun, and a little different. Something for all to enjoy


2-3 corn with husks, depending on how big, and how many you need to prepare

sweet chilli sauce

rice bran oil

How to...

  • remove husks off the corn, then cut up into roughly 2cm slices

  • cooked corn pieces, let cool once done.

  • place corn into a bowl and add enough sweet chilli sauce so that slices are coated with it

  • carefully tear husks in half and wrap the corn in it

  • heat grill pan with rice bran oil, and carefully place wrapped corn on grill

  • turn corn after about 1-2min

  • when cooked place on platter and serve, you may leave the husks on or, you can remove them.

the corn will have a lovely smokey flavour, with sweetness from sweet chilli sauce...enjoy!!

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