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Day 10 - Chia pudding

Nearly there.. now for what everyone wants at the end of eating lots of fantastic savory canapes..sweets!! Well here is one that will surely get everyone coming back for more...coconut milk Chia puddings with fresh summer berries..the berries themselves are enough to get you going.

This pudding is so easy that you won't believe it....leave the chia seeds soaking over night and it'll be ready to serve the following day, and the berries you can chop them up lightly or pop them on top to eat......yummm. (by the's also good for you!...but don't tell anyone...sshhh)


  • 250ml coconut milk

  • 1Tbsp chia seeds

  • berries of choice: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, red currents,

  • coconut syrup (optional)

How to...

  • this quantity will do 2-3 large servings, so if you want to do big servings then you'll need to double or triple the quantities; or you could do smaller servings

  • pour coconut milk into bowl/container of choice and then sprinkle the chia seeds over the top; make sure to mix the seeds into the coconut milk very well, as you don't want to end up with clumps later.

  • cover with lid/glad wrap and place in the fridge overnight.

  • on the day, chop up strawberries, and blueberries if you desire.

  • portion out the chia porridge, and place berries on top, with a drizzle of coconut syrup for a little added sweetness if you so wish.

  • This can be done ahead of time, ready to serve at desired time...this looks great when served in small bowls or cups for people to have.


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